Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2 Thesis Paragraphs

The local property taxes that we pay assists in the funding of public services, city streets, roads, police, and fire protection. Americans also pay a separate school tax that is used only in the public schools’ education system. People who send their children to private schools, still spend thousands in taxes to fund these public schools. Private school parents deserve tax breaks. Although it's ones own decision to send their child to a private institution, some of their tax money should be returned or at least used towards their own child's education.

Driving laws have become more stringent over the years, and it's taken part of our free choice away. The government should now force citizens to wear a seat belt when its causing no harm to anyone but the person himself. It is now an enforced law to protect ourselves against harm, it's no longer a choice. I can understand the prohibitions against cell phones, speeding, and headlights- because they all endanger the lives of others driving as well, but when it comes to seat belts it SHOULD be my decision and personal responsibility. Obesity in the United States also has caused much harm to citizens, leading to all sorts of diseases. So what's next, am I going to be given a certain amount of calories I'm allowed to intake every day as well?

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